BMHE managed the implementation and onboarding process of a private HIE (Health Information Exchange) for a hospital client.  This included assisting with the technology vendor contract negotiation, managing the vendor relationship, developing and executing the project plan, facilitating the governance activities, and leading marketing efforts directed toward community physician practices.  Within 90 days of live, the HIE was serving over 200 users.

For another engagement, BMHE was responsible for managing a project to develop physician evidence-based order sets in preparation for implementing Computerized Physician Order Entry (CPOE) at a large research and teaching hospital. This includes developing and facilitating a comprehensive physician engagement and communications effort.

For a multi-year engagement at a 340 bed acute care hospital, the BMHE team has served as project manager and implementation facilitators of the information systems selection and implementation projects. These projects involved selecting and implementing over 17 applications to serve the transformation needs of the hospital as well as to prepare the organization to achieve the meaningful use requirements of the Federal ARRA (American Recovery and Reinvestment Act).  Specifically, we were accountable for implementing the clinical, CPOE, financial, and operational technologies that would enable newly redesigned processes, and for the governance and communications aspects of the project.  The process improvement effort utilized Lean and Six Sigma tools to design the optimal practices for the site. Overall the project approach was customized to be end-user driven and to facilitate change management and system adoption.  In this role, we managed the vendor relationship, the project budget, implementation/redesign schedules, hospital project resources, and project education and communication. The CPOE portion of this engagement resulted in 90 percent compliance after a five month rollout.  At this same facility, we had previously established a PMO (Project Management Office), and assisted with coordinating the IS related aspects of opening a new patient tower building.

For a small acute care hospital client, we managed the implementation of a re-engineered care delivery model to support the hospital’s move to a newly constructed facility. It required facilitating and directing the work of over 100 physicians and employees in 20 different teams concerned with process redesign, information technology integration, clinical pathway and case management development, human resource restructuring, and hospital-wide educational program development.

BMHE assisted with a process reengineering effort at the National Institutes of Health in 2003. Responsibilities included developing and conducting a three-day, project kick-off, training workshop for internal team leaders. Topics included using the Myers Briggs Type Indicator for team management and teambuilding, as well as skills training in performance measurement and benchmarking, process flow analysis, meeting management, and conducting surveys and focus groups. We led an internal team through redesign and the initial steps for implementation for the interdisciplinary care management process, as well as assisted with other teams focused on the outpatient surgical procedures management process and the research consent protocol management process. Team recommendations were incorporated into the organization’s preparation for a JCAHO survey, implementation of new clinical documentation and management software and a move to a new hospital facility.

Previously, BMHE worked with Dr. Sidney Levitsky (a Vietnam War Veteran and current Sr. Vice President, Dept. of Surgery at Harvard Medical School) for Baxter Health Services to develop, plan, and deliver a two-day conference on Combat Wound Care. The target audience was U.S. military surgeons, and the mission was to provide educational information on the evolution of combat wound care from Vietnam War-era practices to current War on Terrorism-era practices. Dr. Levitsky was one of several high profile speakers; other speakers/attendees included Dr. Norm Rich, Dean Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences, and the Surgeon Generals for the U.S. Army, U.S. Air Force, and U.S. Navy.

BMHE completed a long-term engagement to design, develop, and implement a comprehensive training program for a large managed care technology vendor. At the start of the engagement, the technology was in beta testing and the initial training offerings were developed based on a moving target. This project required us to work closely with technology development, product management, account management, and business development experts within the vendors’ organization, as well as the beta site clients. The outcome was a proven, market-driven program that includes a long-range training plan, a two-day introduction course, a two-day methodology course, an interactive course for power users, evaluation and certification databases, and a comprehensive instructor’s guide.

BMHE worked for HCFA to coordinate and facilitate expert panelists through the evaluation of hospital applications for Center of Excellence status. This involved identifying, contacting, and influencing over 40 nationally-recognized cardiovascular and orthopedic physicians and nurses to participate. Ms. Martin facilitated seven panels of experts during a review and evaluation of hospital applications against established “excellence” criteria. In addition, in 2002, CMS (formally HCFA) reformatted this Center of Excellence demonstration as the Medicare Partnerships for Quality demonstration. We also assisted CMS with the effort by facilitating expert panelists in redesigning the application and the acceptance criteria.

For more than three years, we worked with the executive group of a Virginia based hospice organization to lead them through a series of strategic planning, teambuilding, and process improvement workshops. Ms. Martin developed and delivered workshop materials to structure brainstorming on strategic issues and the associated budget implications; to facilitate redesign of the referral and admissions process; and to enhance communication and management skills using the Myers Briggs Type Indicator.


Take a look at our success stories in project management, process improvement, education, and leadership  development.


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Managing the Momentum of Change

Take a look at our success stories in project management,
process improvement, education, and leadership  development.

Take a look at our success stories in project management, process improvement, education,
and leadership  development.

We help clients identify change
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and sustain improvements.

Take a look at our success stories
in project management, process improvement, education, and leadership  development.

Take a look at our
success stories
in project management, process improvement, education, and leadership  development.