Managing the Momentum of Change

You’re a busy healthcare executive navigating an environment influenced by fast-paced changes in clinical practice, patient demand, staff shortages, technological innovation, and regulation.


At BRICKHOUSEMARTIN Healthcare Engineering (BMHE), our focus is on helping you manage these changes so that you can focus on your mission of providing high quality healthcare services. Learn how our services can help you accomplish your goals.
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What sets us apart?

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Our consultants collaborate with your staff to develop strong relationships and work the organization’s culture to maintain focus on managing the momentum of change.  And, we serve as your in-house consultants; staying with you until the work is done. Leading health systems and hospitals have trusted us to operate in this mode for over 25 years.

Today, continual changes in medicine, technology, clinical practice, data management, legislation, and regulation affect all healthcare organizations. In response, we have become a company of executives, nurses, physicians, educators, and informaticists working with organizations to "Manage the Momentum of Change".

BMHE has the experience and stability to offer a range of services that address universal challenges in the healthcare industry; including project management, technology adoption, process improvement, education, and leadership development. We use proven engineering analyses, professionalism, and a total commitment to user participation and client satisfaction.

In many cases, hospitals can not independently maintain the magnitude and pace of change. When that happens, BMHE consultants will serve as objective and focused change leaders to direct the roll-out of new processes and systems while achieving organizational objectives and time lines.

Managing the Momentum of Change